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  • "So, Bo has only killed or try to kill humans twice. And twice, it was to protect Lauren. First it was Nadia/Garuda who tried to kill Lauren, and then it was the boy in 3x10, who tried to kill Lauren for his girlfriend. (do we count Massimo?) She’s not a murderer, but to protect Lauren, Bo just react. Her instinct, her fear to lose Lauren… There’s no more good or bad, no more dark or light. There’s just a world with or without Lauren. And for Bo, a world without Lauren, it’s a world that has nothing to come back for."
    Bo - “You’re gone, there’s nothing to come back for.”
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  • "I just realize… In 12 days, Lost Girl is over. Their last day of filming… I can’t… I don’t like endings… I’m not ready for this…"
    Me, still not ready to let Lost Girl go…
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  • leonard-cohen-the-second :

    # Doccubus # stop trying to make a freeforall in the end simply to appease all fans # if you’ve made this amazing love storyline then screw it up for the appeasement of your fans # then what better are you than let’s say Warehouse13 when they appeased Myka and Pete instead of the other # granted this show would appease EVERYONE which would be awesome # but don’t fuck up this amazing love # I’m so nervous for the final season # can you tell

    IKR! what sense would it make? none! I know Bo’s a succubus, and so Lauren (not the fae part, the part ‘she knows’). And yet, Bo is more than her fae. She’s more human than fae and the guardians of her heart and soul is her sister Kenzi and her lover Lauren.

    'Yes you love her. You wear her humanity like a shield.'

    Since the first episode, there was this budding relationship between Bo and Lauren. Trust, understanding, faith in each other, respect, attraction, passion and… love.

    I really hope the writers get the memo…

    Everything is possible until the end.. we just have to wait and see…

    (where’s the booze? lool)

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  • this thing. my heart broke when Tara died. And Willow.. Oh my… It was so so sad.. I can’t even…

    (and I didn’t like Kennedy >< They’re better not do that with Bo and Lauren, I swear… )

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  • How to complete Snake.

    Holy croissant…. this is not human.

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  • what is this magic???

    yeah I know.. it’s called Doccubus. It’s pure love. Be careful, very addictive.

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